Woman who shouted abuse at older man is NHS mental health worker earning £50,000 a year

In case you missed the recent news, an anti-Trump protestor verbally abused a man at Parliament Square on Tuesday.

Image: LBC

Shouting ‘nazi scum’ in his face and laughing when he was attacked by another protestor who threw liquid over him, Siobhan Prigent was named as the offending NHS worker, with a focus on mental health services.

myPolitico has discovered that the 34-year-old from Manchester is also Project Support Consultant for Vlek Ltd., a management consultancy outfit run and owned by Ms Prigent.

Far be it for us to comment on protesting while supporting a political party (Labour), but it seems to us that with an average salary just short of £50,000, that this protestor is certainly not speaking for the many.

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