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Social media users are having a meltdown following the broadcast of the usual Sunday morning politics shows. The Andrew Marr show, in particular, has resulted in cheers for Nigel Farage from his supporters, with jeers in equal measure from all those who oppose him.

Like it or not, it’s clear that the politics of the past is now matched only by the journalism of the past. A new day is dawning for British politics. Betrayal, treachery and dishonesty are the new buzzwords that sum up the feelings of so many Brits in respect of their politicians as well as their mainstream media. The truth is that, for many Brexit supporters, there simply are no other words. The disconnect between the people and the establishment has never been so endemic, and the MSM haven’t got a clue how to deal with it.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is performing stunningly well in both EU and domestic polls, causing panic within his many opposing circles. The truth is that irrespective of what MSM may try and drag up from the past, his supporters only care that Farage has returned to be their long lost voice – a voice that politicians and MSM have tried to silence ever since the country voted to leave the EU back in 2016. No amount of mudslinging is about to change that.

After a decision to leave, one would have hoped that the conversation would have moved on to how we fix our country’s many problems post Brexit. Instead, the same old arguments have been rerun by those who oppose the outcome of the referendum. For them, causing further splinters in our already fractured social cohesion is a price worth paying in an effort to keep us wedded to the EU, or for the fifteen minutes of fame for the many previous unknowns who were nowhere to be seen when the 2016 campaigns were running.

Ultimately, people don’t believe anybody these days. Their personal desires trump the opinions of all others, particularly when it comes to the EU question. The people were made a promise and they made a clear decision off the back of that promise. A failure to comply with it, by those who promised solemnly so to do, has broken politics in such a way that it can never be repaired. Mainstream media can no longer make any sense of it.

Traditional politicians who have worked against the people will soon find that their comfortable places on their pedestals are no longer safe. If recent polls are anything to go by, they’re about to go toppling to the ground, pedestal and all, in order to make way for a new type of politician. The prospect of that is beginning to terrify them, even more so than the prospect of leaving their beloved EU. Sadly, it may now be a little too late to be able to change the outcome, even if they try desperately to change course. They’re running out of road, and there’s no turning back.

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