The Many Colours of Brexit

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Three years. Three whole years. Poor campaigning, a result that the elites didn’t want and then a relentless and hysterical campaign ever since to overturn the votes of 17.4m people. Brexit now crosses all political, social and class boundaries.

‘We’re back to listening to cries of racism and fascism in a bid to silence.’

Our government has lost control. Theresa May is determined to force through her disastrous surrender document, AKA the Withdrawal Agreement, having ignored the very Brexiteers to whom she made so many empty promises in countless vacant speeches. Brexit no longer means Brexit. For Theresa May, Brexit now means Remain Minus.

When it comes to reneging on promises, May is not alone. Joining her are numerous arch-remain MPs, many of whom got themselves elected by standing on a manifesto in 2017 that they had never intended to honour. Sadly, grounds for initiating a recall petition simply don’t go far enough and we even have convicted criminals casting the deciding vote. Add to that an unelected arch-remain House of Lords and an ineffective Opposition to the worst government of our times and you have a cesspit of anti-democrats and EU shills who cry foul when the people call them out for what they really are. The whole swamp needs draining, and urgently so.

The rise of The Brexit Party takes Brexit right back to the grassroots, and an extremely diverse one at that. Mr Brexit himself, the illustrious Nigel Farage, is in the driving seat once again. After three years of betrayal, Brexiteers finally have their voice back. Behind the one voice of Farage is the voice of 17.4m voters. These are voters who have been verbally abused, insulted, accused of every “ism” that remainers could hurl at them and, generally, trampled all over by our ignorant and arrogant political class. Brexit was stolen from the people. Slowly, but surely, the people are rising. If Parliament can’t do it then the people will Take Back Control.

Leaving the EU was supposed to mean leaving the whole of the EU, with no foreign intrusion or control of any kind after Brexit day. There’s no way to leave just a little bit. There never was. Sadly, our remain parliament had no intention of abiding by the decision of the people. That much is clear for all to see. 

We went into the negotiations thinking that we were dealing with people who wanted to remain friends. We now know just how foolish this was. With friends like the EU, who needs enemies? Our good faith has been abused by the EU at every stage. Every step of the negotiations consisted of more demands or yet another trap. It ended with a backstop that is now being used to blackmail us. We’ll honour the Good Friday Agreement in full, as should Ireland. Why, though, should we care about the problems that Brexit could create for the EU’s single market, particularly when they have demonstrated that they couldn’t care less about the constitutional integrity of our own UK market?

Article 50 requires the EU to take account of its future relationship with the UK during the withdrawal negotiations, but 27 EU states were simply able to “vote” to ignore an international treaty. This is democracy, EU style. The UK should never have agreed to this and the current mess is proof itself that such a strategy was always doomed to fail.

As Mr Farage so plainly puts it, “we’re lions led by donkeys,” and the people have had enough. Parliament has been stealing Brexit from the people and the people are furious. If parliament abuses its power any further then the people will Take Back Control for themselves. Grassroots campaigners and supporters of the LibLabCon are deserting them in droves in order to support The Brexit Party. It couldn’t be happening to a more deserving trio.

Having reached the final stages of Brexit, the remain hysteria is back with a vengeance. Sadly, they have no fresh ammunition so we’re back to listening to their cries of racism and fascism in a bid to silence the voices of leavers, as well as the democratic remain voters, at every opportunity. Non-white leavers are now, apparently, coconuts again. Remember that term? If we’re of a certain age group, and we’re too brown or too black to be gammon, then we’re an Uncle Tom. We’ve heard it all before.

We’re a divided country, there’s no denying that. We do, however, have millions of people of every class, age, background and ethnicity standing shoulder to shoulder in our country’s ongoing fight for independence. Whatever else may divide us, Brexit has most certainly united leavers in a way that nothing else ever could. Whatever our background, and wherever we come from, we stand ready to fight for the future of our country.

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