The Autocracy of Modern British Politics

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With the recent Cabinet resignations of prominent Brexiteers since the Chequers plan, it is becoming clear to many that Brexit is no longer a democratic process triggered by the unrest of the British people, and that, the autocracy of the United Kingdom is continuing to take shape.

Politics ‘fenced in’

One could be forgiven for believing that Brexit will either be the leave-voting utopia of self-determination, or the remain-voting path to destruction, but the truth of the matter is that, in either event, we are seeing the return to a two-party state where democracy itself is being played for the betterment of MPs’ personal gain.

Looking at the two leaders, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn: one is branded an anti-Semitic, terrorist-friendly nutcase who would love to bring his Marxist government to the UK, the other controls her party by threatening to remove the whip and funding from those who disagree with her Brexit plan.

Are these two leaders really so different?

Conservative principles of low taxes, deregulation, free markets, and minimal state intervention have all but disappeared, with more regulation being added to the statute book to quell free markets than probably at any other time in recent Conservative history.

So, where does this leave conservative (small ‘C’) voters?

The problem that is being created by this mismanagement of Parliament is a return to the two-party state. With the Liberal ‘Democrats’ wanting to re-run the referendum, a Labour Party wanting to bring a frightening ideology to the forefront of UK politics, and a Conservative Party with a leader abusing her executive power and threatening those that disagree; where does it leave the average voter in this autocracy?

The Conservatives need a new leader if we are to leave the European Union properly, to return to our roots, and to rid ourselves of this autocratic scourge that has plagued our discourse and institutions for so long.

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