Socialists hate facts — OJ feels it

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We all know the story about Venezuela and its current state of affairs, with its own government stealing from the mouths of its citizensinflation passing 100% just yesterday after only three weeks of its new money rollout, and the latest with the country threatening to sue neighbouring Ecuador, Colombia and Peru for their treatment of Venezuelan emigrants.

So you’d imagine any respectable journalist would be able to take heed of these facts and understand the difference between success and prosperity, and failure and poverty, right?

Enter Owen Jones:

Source: @BrexitTory

Guessing the answer is ‘no’…

How long will the British public continue to listen to these socialist fantasists with their ridiculous ideology about centralised state control, and telling people that it brings equality? To defer every reasonable feat of evolution that inherently creates us all differently as a psycho-biological ideology is simply ridiculous, and to try and enforce such narrow-minded views upon an entire society will only ever lead to issues.

Every socialist ‘project’ on the planet has been a failure, with perhaps the exception of China, though I don’t think many there would call it a ‘success’ with government monitoring, restricted internet traffic and little to no freedom of expression.

What kind of world do we want to live in? One where we’re all told we must be the same person despite our obvious differences — which should be celebrated, honoured and cherished — or one where all our subtleties are effectively culled until we are left like mindless zombies obeying some oligarchy?

Equality is a must in any society, but we MUST be free to express our outrage as the left seemingly do every minute of every day, and be free to be ourselves without the state or any institution attempting to dictate how we should manage our lives.

This is the choice.

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