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For fear of being slapped down on social media, this article is written anonymously, but I am a red-blooded socialist, and, while I am happy to say I dislike the Tories rather a lot, I don’t find any other party much better. I’m writing to explain why.

What happened to socialism, Jeremy?

Jeremy Corbyn had promise. He was going to be the man to usher in a new age of socialism, eradicating social inequalities, removing the disparity between big business and the workers, and finally give us the level playing field we all need.

What happened?

Brexit happened.

The man that I held up as the ideal of political activist and politician has let not only me, but the entire socialist movement, himself and the country down.

If it’s not the problems within the party (I’m sure we’re aware of them – there’s no need to discuss that) then it’s getting into bed with Theresa May and her gang of capitalists, who seem intent on destroying the nation.

I would never be happy with a customs union of any kind, and neither should any other socialist. Why? If we want to nationalise services to bring control back under the Government where they belong, then we cannot do that whilst in the EU. It’s simply not allowed.

So, my open comment to you Jeremy, is to go back to your roots, stop fighting for a Tory Brexit that seeks to undermine our movement, and get back on track to where we should be.

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