Our Statement on Tactical Brexit Voting

With just over a week to the general election on the 12th, things are heating up, and the vitriol and disinformation are getting out of hand.

Tactical voting websites are springing up everywhere, from Leave.EU, to other, less well-known ones, but they appear to have given advantage to one specific party over all others (mainly Conservatives).

To this end, we decided it was in the interest of the Brexit electorate to try and pool resources and come together with other independent analytical sites and social media accounts to try and build some sort of consensus.

To that end, we have been speaking to BrexitKiteMark, The Brexit Pledge, OneUK and a couple of others to try and combat the disinformation out there that is floating about on social media.

The result of these talks is ongoing, but has been extremely positive with all groups having the singular goal of getting a true Brexit Parliament.

We strictly do not endorse any other tactical brexit site besides this group of four (including ourselves).

Our Tactical Brexit page has been updated to reflect our commitment to working with other independent groups with the same aim: a true Brexit Parliament without partisanship.

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