Ode to Farage

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There was a young man called Farage.
Who cooked up a plan in his garage.
How cool would it be
To set Britain free
From a “democracy” that’s just a mirage? 

Farage and his crew went to Brussels.
They started to flex all their muscles.
The Eurocrats cried,
“You’ve all horribly lied.”
Then began some magnificent tussles. 

The fight then came back to our land.
Farage took a principled stand.
He said “We must leave,
You should all believe,
That alone we’d be better and grand.”

The haters did frantically worry.
They went off in an almighty flurry.
“Don’t listen to him.
He’s terribly dim.
He likes beer and cold chips and curry.”

The people were mightily shocked
As Farage was constantly mocked.
They’d now had enough
Of the tumble and rough.
To the voting booths millions flocked.

The people then made their decision,
Having listened to all the derision.
They said, “get us out!”
They were starting to shout
“We’ve had it with all this division.”

Then came a woman called May.
She said, “I’ll be the leader today.”
She told many lies
Much to our surprise
And caused nothing but shame and delay. 

So back came Farage to the fight
To stand up for what he thought right.
“The people have spoken.
Our democracy’s broken,”
He said, “there’s a new end in sight.”

The people, now feeling betrayed
By MPs who had dithered and swayed,
Said, “we’ll help you fight,
With all of our might,”
And history is now being made. 

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