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Just when you thought that the UK couldn’t be any more of a global trendsetter, we go and do something new. Yep, it’s the phenomenon of the milkshake and it all started with Tommy Robinson.

Burger King; “Would you like fries with that?”

Our social norms, to date, are such that they have always allowed for discourse and even disagreement, without throwing a single punch. That all changed when a young Muslim chose to throw milkshake over Tommy Robinson. After all, you only go to prison if you egg Corbyn but not for milkshake, surely?

Many commentators, liberals and celebrity luvvies decided to throw in their tuppence worth of support for the new phenomenon. Each and every one of them is an utter disgrace. When called out, many doubled down whilst others tried to dismiss it as a joke. Some even, rather disgustingly, sought to dumb down their own initial comments by contrasting the milkshake phenomenon to the murder of Jo Cox, just to try and justify the former as being perfectly acceptable as a form of protest in comparison with the latter.

If the liberals are anything to go by, it would appear that milkshake is still OK for the time being. Eggs are also OK as long as the target isn’t a politician, so if you’re doing it to a supporter of a political party on, say, the streets of Scotland, then that’s “perfectly OK”.

More recently, we’ve seen another group taking to the streets and covering their faces as they hurl rocks at supporters of Tommy as they campaigned for their favoured candidate. The damage to cars and houses is, apparently, just collateral damage. In the absence of mass arrests, we could do with some urgent clarity as to whether this is now OK too. Perhaps the milkshake commentators could clarify this for us? Burger King head office may know the answer to this one.

We know that guns and knives are still definitely not OK and thank goodness for that! As for milkshake, public opinion is still very much all over the place, much like the milkshake itself. The good news, however, is that there are some varieties emerging as great favourites including vanilla, eggnog and even rocky road. So go on, take your pick and spoil yourselves. What’s your flavour?

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