How represented are you?

We’ve pulled together manually (it took quite a while!) all of the data from the SOPNs (Statement of Persons Nominated) for this General Election, and using reverse lookup from ONS Data Sources, we located the postcodes listed for the three main parties’ candidates back into the Parliamentary constituency they live in.

Below you will find a searchable table of all of the GB seats in this upcoming election, including where each candidate states that they reside.

A number of Conservative and Lib Dem candidates – as well as some Labour – are from London and the Home Counties

Broadly, of the 632 GB constituencies, the number of candidates that reside directly within the area they are standing for the three main parties are:

Conservatives 50.0% (316)
Labour 66.46% (420)
Lib Dems 50.63% (320)

Note that this is based on information that candidates give, and so we cannot be responsible for any misinformation that they have provided – since they may have a second home in the constituency and be on the electoral roll there, renting out a property, as opposed to actually living there.

All data is correct based on final SOPNs with data collected from 19-20th November 2019. Where a candidate is not standing, their column will be blank. Where they are in the constituency, a dash – will be shown to maximise available screen space instead of copying the constituency name.

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