[FUNNY FAKES] Jacob Rees-Mogg admits to affair with Ian Hislop.

In June, Rees-Mogg admitted to having an affair with Ian Hislop, who he claimed had an affair with him. He told BBC Radio Lancashire, “I have been asked to go to an intimate house and have an affair with a man. “I’ve never said I had an affair with Ian. I’m not saying that I knew Ian. I know Ian.”

Rees-Mogg says he’s had sex with Ian’s wife, who he says is his daughter, in the past. He says: “I’ve had sex with her over a period of time, and she’s been very supportive – she knows Ian and sees him. “Ian’s been very supportive in his life, and it’s very sad to see, because he’s a wonderful human being.”

He was in the High Court in Lancashire, where he was accused of having an affair with Ian’s wife. At the time, Rees-Mogg said he had been at the same address as Ian’s daughter and said he was “disappointed” when the “possibility” he had an affair with his wife went unfulfilled. But, in a statement, the Crown said: “The Crown has now decided an appropriate charge has been laid against Mr Rees-Mogg and a further hearing is scheduled for August 7. “Mr Rees-Mogg is currently employed by the Crown and will be back in court on September 1, for this matter.”

Ian’s daughter, in a statement, said: “I am truly sorry I have to be involved in this situation, and feel very sorry for Ian.” He also denied having an affair with a woman who is his wife. In court, Rees-Mogg told the court: “I’m going to try to help Ian in the future. “I’ve been working for the Crown for almost two years now and I’m still working.”

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