Extension, extension, deselection?

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Welcome to the United Kingdom, 2019. Where the political class have destroyed all faith in democracy over the course of the last three years, and the Civil Service cabal have Ministers in their clutches, but where you can still (for now) peacefully tweet from the comfort of your own bog.

Shitehall: Population – Too Many

Theresa May and her Withdrawal Agreement (read ‘Surrender Treaty‘) have not only been defeated, but the 585-page document of full and frank subjugation of this United Kingdom has been well and truly burned to a crisp – and yet she ploughs on with it nonetheless with yet another extension until Halloween – oh the irony!

I, as many others on social media have begun to realise and vocalise, is a deep concern for her mental well-being and capability to do the job of being the leader of the country. It seems the Party are not content with images and tweets of hundreds of long-time supporters and activists cutting their Conservative membership cards up, so where does that leave us, if they won’t listen to their own supporters, let alone the voters?

Well it seems there are still a few options. A personal favourite is the English Democrat Leader Robin Tilbrook’s High Court case that may rule that we officially left the EU on the 29th March. If you haven’t heard about it, it essentially argues that May did not have legal right to request the first extension to the 12th April. Should the Court rule in favour, we would already be out, and all this politicking will have been for nothing.

Of course, there are the local elections in a few weeks where voters can make their voices heard, but sadly many are going with the crazy option of spoiling their ballots. It is fully understandable the disenfranchisement felt by many, but to give away one’s power at the ballot box seems a rather extreme option, despite some well-respected journalists suggesting just that.

And then of course, there’s the European Elections. Mr Brexit himself Nigel Farage appears to be on the ball here fielding candidates in every area, but with Remain almost certainly going to take a strong position and be out in force, and with UKIP possibly splitting the vote, there is a concern here that it may not be as clear-cut as one would hope.

In every event, perhaps we can join together in the knowledge that no matter what happens over the course of the next weeks and months, the Brexit Genie is almost certainly out of the bottle. Getting it back in there will be an impossible task for any government.

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