EU Elections 2019

Wow, what a few days it was! The excitement, the anticipation for the leave and remain sides, and the results.

The Liberal Democrats did well, pulling in 20.5% of the national vote, but it was overshadowed by the 6-week-old Brexit Party with support across the UK in all regions except Scotland and Northern Ireland, netting 32.0% of the vote.

Pro-Brexit parties come out on top comfortably

No more than a day later, Alastair Campbell is dispatched from the Labour Party after publicly voting for the Lib Dems, Labour netting a measly 14.3% of the national vote. Tories on 9.2%.

It seems with the removal of Alistair Campbell that Labour has more of an issue with Vince Cable the new AntiChrist than the Iraq War.

Cue evil Vince:

Evil Vince is going to get your Labour votes!

All in all, the Pro-Brexit parties (Brexit Party, UKIP and Conservatives) came out comfortably above pro-Remain parties (Change UK, Lib Dems and Green) by around 10-11%. Will this kill off debate of a second referendum? We shall see.

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