Draining the swamp of Westminster

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A week is a long time in politics, and what a week it has been. The local elections were a disaster for the big two forces in British politics and even the Liberal Democrats could only celebrate a victory that arose from a combination of a low turnout and a record number of spoiled ballots. The creatures in the swamp are petrified of what’s about to come. They’re squirming and wriggling around frantically and we no longer have any sympathy for them.

The Brexit Party has been laying on professional and packed out rallies since it was launched a few weeks ago. In contrast, the TIGgers have struggled to fill a small room. Passions are running high on both sides but the Brexit betrayal has caused real anger and it’s about to turn into an uncontrollable rage.

Those who think that the local elections were an earthquake are sorely mistaken. These were merely the first tremors. The earthquake is yet to come and will begin the destruction of the entire Westminster establishment in its current form. What started off as political rot in Westminster has now spread to our precious democracy itself. The chronic infestation shows no sign of recovery.

There’s not a hope in hell of saving and repairing our democratic institutions now. The only way forward is to demolish the whole lot and to start again. After almost three years of despair, the Brexit Party have come along with an abundance of hope – and not just for those who voted to leave the EU, but also for those many democratic remain voters who believe that the outcome of the referendum should be honoured.

Labour and the Conservatives may still be able to salvage something from the wreckage caused by the recent tremor if they react quickly. If they continue to fudge a betrayal then they’ve only themselves to blame for the full-on disaster that’s bound to follow. They’ll be entirely deserving of their own impending doom.

Time has now run out for members of both houses of our arch remain parliament. Either they get us out of the EU with a clean break, or the Brexit Party will throw them all out on our behalf. One way or another, we will drain the swamp.

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