Democracy: Driven into the Ground by Hysteria

In just a few short days of the signing of the prorogation of Parliament for three to four sitting days, things have taken a turn for the worst, and the mass hysteria has begun.

Remainers be Triggered

MEPs plan to use the EU’s Article 7 rule of law powers to investigate Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament. The process allows a unanimous decision by the European Council to suspend any and all rights of membership, including vote suppression, though only a qualified majority is required to impose sanctions.

Our own House of Lords is attempting to recall itself early for an emergency session over the weekend in an attempt to stop Brexit from happening.

Both Labour MPs David Lammy and Clive Lewis have effectively incited violence and/or civil disorder, with Lewis stating that it would require the Police to come in and remove people from Parliament.

We, of course, would suggest Her Majesty’s Army.

The hysteria has grabbed many, with several hundred protesting on College Green, becoming verbally abusive to opponents, such as Martin Daubney, Brexit Party MEP.

We knew that we had an issue with the FBPE brigade, and things were pretty bad at the start on the EU front, taking away powers over our fishing waters, agriculture, and requiring us to abide by arbitrary rules (determined by ECJ case law that is wholly dependent on the say of the Commission), among others, but this madness has extended by some way.

The rule of law, democracy, our social fabric, and now the very basis of the entire constitution itself are at stake.

We were warned this would be a difficult ‘war’, but the battles over the next month or two will come thick and fast. We must be prepared to stand up for what is right.

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