Brexit Rally Weekend

Brexit rallies are coming, starting on November 1st with The Brexit Party, followed by Vote Leave on Saturday the 2nd.

Check out our Amazon Shopping List below for our best tips on what to buy for the occasion, specially selected for price, quality, and delivery timescale.

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The Union Jack. Definitely a requirement at any Brexit rally. This one is cheap and cheerful, and one we bought ourselves for the 29th March ‘March to Leave’. It’s 5ft x 3ft and can be folded up easily.

Thermos water bottle. Long days outside with few shops nearby in Parliament Square, it’s helpful to stay hydrated. This water bottle is insulated by Thermos, so you know you can keep your drinks cool. This one is 710ml, but smaller and larger ones are available.

Hi-viz jacket. A Brexit rally isn’t complete without a ‘yellow vest’. Reminiscent of the protests in France, these made an appearance in March, and this large one for a couple of quid does the job brilliantly!

Megaphone. This one is definitely optional. Make your voice heard with 30 watts of power. This takes 4 ‘D’ batteries.

Facepaints. Optional, but good. These facepaints are from Snazaroo, therefore are great quality. Included is the required red white and blue, and because they’re professional grade, they won’t deteriorate as quickly.

Portable phone charger. These are a necessity for anyone. This one is high capacity and outputs at high amps, so is perfect for a quick charge back up to full, and it can do that several times throughout the day.

Phone charging cables. As above, these are a necessity. These iPhone and Android cables are nylon-braided, so they will not break if tugged or yanked. We tested these in the field in March and they worked brilliantly.

Personal alarm. No rally or demonstration can be guaranteed to be peaceful (though of course we hope so), and in London after sunset, things can become a little unsettling. This personal alarm will sear the ears off anyone, alerting people to a need for help if required.

Foldable stool/chair. If standing for hours on end isn’t your thing, grab one of these. They fold down to fit in your hand and can be carried with ease.

Air horn. Don’t like the megaphone? These are great. What’s better is there’s no need for gas, this is pump action, and just as audible.

Whistle. Because maybe your air horn isn’t enough noise!

Small first aid kit. Cuts and scrapes are more likely when in larger groups. A couple too many beers and you could end up with a grazed knee. This kit contains many of the essentials, including plasters and bandages.

Bum bag. Carry your essentials in this small zipper bum bag and make sure your phone, keys, and train tickets are safely by your side.

Insoles. Standing around for hours can take its toll on your feet. These insoles are perfect for keeping your feet feeling soft and healthy.

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