Brexit Party – a Coalition of National Unity?

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Launched just over a week ago, Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is already taking the country by storm. Party HQs are beginning to panic. The party political and personal denigration of Farage has already started, not that it has ever really stopped.

‘It no longer matters what any of the traditional party leaders say or do.’

Labour’s new MEP candidate, Andrew Adonis, has recently urged Brexiteers NOT to vote for Labour. For most Labour Leavers, this is probably a very welcome clarification of their party’s intention to remain in the EU. Tom Watson’s recent call for a second referendum also confirms that Labour is now out to stop Brexit.

Both interventions from Adonis and Watson have cemented Labour’s anti-Brexit position like never before. They may just have pulled off the feat of becoming an effective opposition, for the first time in a long time. They may also have killed two birds with one stone as Labour’s clear position as a party of remain makes the TIGgers (now the CUKs) a rather pointless endeavour.

In amidst all the shambles of leave and remain, it appears that Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is becoming the new national coalition of unity. Labour leavers are getting behind them. A huge number of Conservatives are cutting up their membership cards to do the same. Even Kippers are flocking back to Farage as his charisma draws in millions who have been let down by our remain parliament’s shambles.

Positions are, at last becoming clear. When it comes to the Conservatives, they know exactly where Theresa May stands, as well as her remainer cabinet and civil servants. When it comes to Labour, members are still singing their cries of “Where’s Je-re-my Cor-byn” only for their chants to fall on deaf ears. Corbyn does, after all, have a long-standing tradition of being ‘present but not involved’.

For leavers of all political persuasions, perhaps it no longer matters what any of the traditional party leaders say or do. It hasn’t amounted to much in the past so why should it amount to anything now?

Nigel Farage appears to be snatching Brexit from the hands of an ineffective and inept political class. This time, he really is Taking Back Control on behalf of Brexiteers of all political persuasions. This time, it really does appear to be a case of “no more Mr Nice Guy” and 17.4 million voters are only too pleased about it.

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