Just when you thought that the UK couldn’t be any more of a global trendsetter, we go and do something new. Yep, it’s the phenomenon of the milkshake and it all started with Tommy Robinson. Our social norms, to date, are such that they have always allowed for discourse and Continue Reading

The New Dawn

Social media users are having a meltdown following the broadcast of the usual Sunday morning politics shows. The Andrew Marr show, in particular, has resulted in cheers for Nigel Farage from his supporters, with jeers in equal measure from all those who oppose him. Like it or not, it’s clear Continue Reading

Ode to Farage

There was a young man called Farage.Who cooked up a plan in his garage.How cool would it beTo set Britain freeFrom a “democracy” that’s just a mirage?  Farage and his crew went to Brussels.They started to flex all their muscles.The Eurocrats cried,“You’ve all horribly lied.”Then began some magnificent tussles.  The Continue Reading