Adur Council blows a third of its money on legal fees in ONE YEAR

It has come to our attention as part of a new ‘Spotlight on Local Authorities’ initiative that Adur Council in 2018 spent over £11 million in legal fees to Stevens & Bolton LLP, a law firm based in Guildford, Surrey.

Of the £34.5 million spent last year in services and supplies over £500, a third of this went to the law firm rendering legal services to the Council. According to Companies House, this nets them half of the turnover for their entire legal business.

Adur Council also spent their way through £5.7 million in Consultancy Management Fees, £2.2 million in Financial Services (of which £1.5m went towards repaying local government loans), £1.4 million in Temps or Agency staff with Willmott Dixon, and £61,000 to Capita for software.

Note: Due to the unordered way that the data is entered, some services in the data are split across multiple ‘areas’. We have combined these and removed duplicates to arrive at the figures shown – i.e. the graphs may show things bundled together in one where they are separate in another, such as financial services that cover some legal fees, among others.

This forms part of a new series ‘Spotlight on Local Authorities’, where we scour the official information to highlight where we think residents are being ripped off. If you are unhappy about any of the issues we have raised, contact your local Council and your MP.

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